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Colin Morgan and his team of experts help companies integrate Podcasting into their Marketing strategies.

Podcasting is the new form of blogging. The power that podcasting can have on your business is exponential. Starting a podcast is easy to setup, it allows you to produce long-form content, you can quickly gain a large following, you can build a personal connection with your audience, and it provides repeat touch points for your audience.

I will work alongside your marketing team or CMO to come up with the best strategy to execute the podcast. I will help with the content delivery, the flow of the show, and back end setup.

  • I will help find the best host for the show.
  • I will share the best equipment to use and help in the setup, ensuring top quality audio production.
  • If you want the show to be on YouTube, I will help in the design of your studio.
  • I will find you 20 big name guests to come on the show, specific to your industry.
  • I will assist in creating the art work, intro and outro, and finding sponsors.
  • I will setup the show to be on all the major media outlets. I.e. iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, and all podcast players.

I will act as an advisor in the delivery and promotion of the podcast. This includes audio production, and show notes. (Optional)

  • Average 1-2 hour episode length
  • Addition of Intro/Outro/Sponsor messages
  • Includes audio optimization to professional standards
  • Includes ID3 tagging of all audio files, including attachment of cover art
  • Includes upload directly to your media server
  • Includes ongoing tweaks to makes sure we’re getting it just like you want it.
  • Includes at least a 500 word, keyword-optimized summary of each episode
  • Includes a time-stampedbullet-point outline of the episode
  • Includes all resources and people mentioned with “live links”
  • Includes images within the post(you provide the images)