Elliot Carlyle is a New York City-based branding & creative consultant, empowerment speaker, executive & life coach, and philanthropist. Elliot specializes in marketplace technologies including executive, public relations, creative direction and/or media services in the fashion, entertainment, and lifestyle industries. He has built a respected brand and reputation inside and outside the fashion industry because of his expertise in personal branding. Starting out as a college dropout, Elliot began his career by harnessing the power of social media to launch his brand via MySpace. From that time, his professional experience encompasses a number A-list entertainment clients, multimillionaire business executives, fashion events and brands over the last 10 years.


Today, Elliot continues to execute his personal mission, which is also his brand statement, in all his endeavors, “building people for global influence.”

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Instagram: Elliot Carlyle

Twitter: Elliot Carlyle

Facebook: Elliot Carlyle

Website: elliotcarlyle.net

Resources Mentioned

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