Daniel Thomas Hind is the founder of EvolutionEat, a transformational diet and lifestyle coaching company that helps overwhelmed individuals evolve their relationship with food.

His coaching method is all about skill development. “Healthy eating is a skill you practice and develop over the course of a lifetime, not a goal that you accomplish in a few months,” he says. “My goal is to empower my clients to fall in love with the practice of healthy eating, not get the specific results. They’ll get the results once they develop the skill.”

Every week, tens of thousands of people read Daniel’s material to learn about the psychology, mindset, emotions, and habits around eating in order to live a healthier, more meaningful life.

What really differentiates Daniel from the thousands of other “fitness” coaches (a designation he hates!) out there is that he’s one of, if not the only, man who addresses the topic of emotional eating head-on – using mindset, skill development principles, and deep coaching instead of typical nutrition optimization.

When he speaks, people listen, because we all know what he’s talking about but are afraid to speak about it.

He’s been featured on podcasts such as Amanda Bucci’s Bucci Radio and Mark Sisson’s The Primal Blueprint, as well as other podcasts that have had millions of downloads total. (These podcasts have generated over 6 figures in revenue.)

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