Devan’s life hasn’t been simple and success certainly wasn’t handed to him on a silver platter. He has faced obstacles, defeat, and disappointment. Seven years ago, Devan was sitting alone in a hotel room– devastated. After setting his sights on making it to the big leagues, Devan had just been released from the San Francisco Giants organization after his third spring training. All he could think to himself was “What comes next?”

Devan heard one message echoing through his mind – keep moving. He decided then and there that this was merely an obstacle and this would not slow him down. By the time he stepped off the plane on his way home, he had realized the new direction he wanted in life. And it’s brought him here, to this very moment where a new list of names defines him – co-founder and CEO or Burn Boot Camp, fitness trainer, entrepreneur, investor, husband, and father.

Devan’s will to simply keep moving has allowed him to invest in business opportunities like Burn Media Co., engage with people through the Devan Kline Podcast, connect with industry leaders on the Devan Kline show, and even write a book (stay tuned!). The greatest honor of it all? Reaching over 20,000 clients nationwide. That number matters to him because it’s 20,000 (and growing) who have made the choice to keep moving with him. Together, they are going places.

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