Peter Shallard is known as The Shrink for Entrepreneurs. He serves as a behind-the-scenes confidante and advisor to some of the world’s top startup founders, counseling them on the intersection of psychology and business. Clients across his roster have collectively raised hundreds of millions of venture capital and created market capitalization of billions. Peter’s practice is dedicated to helping the world’s smartest entrepreneurs creating wealth, freedom and impact… without sacrificing their sanity.

Peter is also the founder and CEO of Commit Action – a revolutionary service that helps business owners become the highest leverage version of themselves possible, by outsourcing their battle for focus and productivity. Commit Action pairs business owners with dedicated, professional accountability in the form of highly trained, software enhanced Executive Effectiveness Aides. Part “Personal Trainer for Productivity” and part “Goal Setting Concierge”, Commit Action uses human services, proprietary software AND cutting edge empirical science to clear customer’s heads, keep them focused, highly motivated and operating with absolute optimization.
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