Malynda Hale authentically gives herself and her heart on and off the stage through her music, melodies, and movement. The African American singer/songwriter uses both her music and social stature to bring to light new perspectives on important issues including female empowerment and the Black Lives Matter movement. Malynda just released her latest single “Something Worth Fighting For,” serving up a perfect combo of an upbeat melody and inspirational lyrics. The single comes in anticipation of her full “The One” EP release on June 22nd and an extensive tour throughout the summer.

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Malynda was born and raised in sunny Santa Barbara, California where she began singing at just five years old. At the age of seven she was learning to play the piano, and by the age of nine she started writing her own music. Malynda has since gone on to lead a successful, long-lasting music career. Just last year, Malynda won “Best Female Vocalist” at the Hollywood Music In Media Awards, was the headliner of the 2017 NAMM show, and has opened for artists such as Tyrone Wells, Ernie Halter, and Levi Kreis.

With a mic constantly in the palm of her hand and a vast audience at her fingertips, Malynda has been able to utilize her voice to elicit change on multiple platforms – social justice, female empowerment, LGBTQ+ rights, veganism, and the Black Lives Matter movement. Noting reactions are best responded to by taking action, Malynda has managed to dip her hands into several projects to support these causes. She hosts the femme-empowerment “Boss, Please” podcast, which shines a light on female execs and all-around girl bosses. She’s also the face of Valana Minerals, one of the very few brands that have cruelty free beauty products for women of color. Malynda has often spoken out regarding the importance of beauty brands being more inclusive and having products that represent different skin tones.

Listen to the “Boss, Please” podcast here

Watch Malynda Hale’s “We Run” music video here

Additionally, Malynda’s recently released single “We Run” was written in response to the Black Lives Matter movement, depicting her experience as a black woman in America. The track, which is included in her upcoming EP, is meant to start a conversation by shedding a new light on the issue. Malynda has already touched the lives of so many people, and will continue to do so with her new EP “The One” (6/22) and countrywide tour this summer.

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