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This video is a 5 min doc of my life up to June 2016. It describes being pronounced dead, waking up to a 3rd grade mental capacity, and hardly having the ability to walk.
Fast forward from June 2016 to now and I have done the following:
  • Graduated college on time summa cum laude as a college athlete
  • Partnered and been on projects with an exec from Forbes, 2 former partners of Steve Jobs, former chair of a Fortune 500 company, former national political director of a wining President of the United State, and others.
  • Failed 2 businesses, liquidating another now, and had to close the doors on a non profit
  • Interned at the White House
  • Motivational Speaking (The Aspirational Storyteller)
  • Jim DeFelice (author/director of American Sniper) has my story in his new book coming out April 2nd, 2019

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