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Geoff teaches entrepreneurs how to build successful online businesses. He has help hundreds of people get out of the 9-5 grind and develop their vision into a reality. He is passionate about showing failing businesses how to change their mindset and dramatically increase their performance.

Geoff overcame the struggles of being raised by a single mom and living off welfare; without people in his life to model anything other than average. When he dropped out of grade 9, he started couch surfing and selling drugs on the streets. His model of success was gravely poor and he struggled to figure things out. After discovering he had a knack for sales he tried his hand at entrepreneurship with no success until he discovered relationship marketing and mentors whom he’d quickly surpass.

Even though Geoff achieved 1.4 mm in his first year he knew something was missing and his old behaviors still dominated his daily life. That’s when he began to push the boundaries on his old mindset and discovered that personal development was necessary to understanding his behavior and fixing it.

Geoff’s story is both relate-able and inspirational as he shows others that it doesn’t matter where you come from or what you believe about yourself. An interview with Geoff is an opportunity to gain deeper insight into mindset, branding, online marketing, and business performance. Geoff believes that if HE can be successful then surely anyone can!!

“Success can be measured in different ways. To me, it’s measured in how many lives I can impact in a positive, meaningful way. “

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