Christian Arriola started his entrepreneurial journey when he was 8 years old, selling ice sticks in front of his house back in Mexico. For many years he didn’t have the support from anybody around him, so he decided to go to school, graduate, and climb the corporate ladder. He always kept a side business while working for huge companies in the US. Christian always felt trapped and felt there had to be something better and bigger for him beyond a cubicle. He decided to quit his job to focus on lively matcha, his side e-commerce green tea business at the time. Although he quit his job with no savings and no plan, he turned the e-commerce store into a physical store. Past forward 18 months, he’s now inspiring other millennial entrepreneurs to chase their dreams on his podcast show: “The Hustle Show”. The Hustle Show rapidly got momentum and booked dozens of entrepreneurs in a few days. Christian’s podcast is also now in the TOP 60 Business Podcasts on iTunes.


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