Eric Lofholm is a master sales trainer who has helped over 10,000 students make more sales. Trained by bestselling sales expert Dr. Donald Moine, Eric has helped generate nearly $500 million in revenue in the last two decades. Eric honed his skills as a trainer for Tony Robbins from 1997 to 1999 before founding his own company, Eric Lofholm International. Eric is a naturally gifted teacher. For over 18 years, Eric has been sharing his proven sales increasing ideas with people all over the world. He offers expert training for both corporate sales departments and for individuals who want to improve their sales skills.

Eric has trained people from over 500 different companies including:

Aflac, Century 21, Prudential, Morgan Stanley, World Financial Group, Sebastiani Vineyards and Hilton just to name a few.

Eric is the author of 10 books including the Amazon Best Seller, The System.

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