The Entrepreneur Start-Up Series Week 39

“IF you are not happy with your life then you need to acknowledge it and instead of just glazing it over – magnify your discontent and your anger about not being in the place where you want to be in your life. If the pain of staying where you are is not greater than the pain of change then you will never make a move.” By Tony Robbins

Ep #197: Publicity for Good with Heather DeSantis

Ep #198: Author, Ghostwriter, Mike Sahno

Ep #199: Facebook Advertiser and Sales Funnel Strategist, with Josh Marsden

Ep #200: Actor, Producer, Writer, Adam Ambruso PART 1

Ep #201: Actor, Producer, Writer, Adam Ambruso PART 2

The Entrepreneur Start-Up Series Week 38

“Entrepreneurship is fed by a steady diet of fear, frustration and fuck ups but it is still your shit show. You have to love it.”

Ep #192: Escaping the 9-5 for Millennials, with Hannah Morth

Ep #193: Coaching Minorities to Realize their Dreams, with Albert Williams

Ep #194: The Art of Differentiation with David Brier

Ep #195: Big Voices with Kelly Resendez

Ep #196: The Referral Dive, Virginia Musquiz

The Entrepreneur Start-Up Series Week 37

“It is always good to remember to work on your inner game.”

Ep #187: Dr. Bhrett McCabe, Sports and Performance Psychologist

Ep #188: Doug Hacking, Relationship Resonance

Ep #189: Brent Hayden, Olympic Bronze Medalist

Ep #190: Brian Greenberg, The Salesman Who Doesn’t Sell

Ep #191: Heather Krakora, Creative Life Catalyst

The Entrepreneur Start-Up Series Week 36

“When you understand your strengths and weaknesses, you will become more confident and more creative.”

Ep #182: Miles Mussenden, Cloak and Dagger

Ep #183: Malynda Hale, Singer and Songwriter

Ep #184: Tim Alison, Screw The Naysayers

Ep #185: Genecia Alluora, Soul Rich Woman

Ep #186: Kirk Deis, CEO

The Entrepreneur Start-Up Series Week 35

“Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength.” ― Sigmund Freud

Ep #177: James Schramko, Super Fast Business

Ep #178: John Whiting, Infinite Leads

Ep #179: Steven Eugen Kuhn, H.I.T.

Ep #180: Alan Burak, Never Alone Capital

Ep #181: Nicole Deboom, Skirt Sport

The Entrepreneur Start-Up Series Week 34

“Setting baby-step goals are the only way to achieve your biggest goal!”

Ep #172: Ali Mirza, Digital Marketing expert

Ep #173: Peter Shallard, The Shrink for Entrepreneurs

Ep #174: Christy Whitman, Universal Laws

Ep #175: Billy Gene, C.A.M.P

Ep #176: Marcus Damas, Fueled by Culture

The Entrepreneur Start-Up Series Week 33

“Savor the small victories that are happening throughout your day!”

Ep #167: Hither Mann, Financial Freedom

Ep #168: David Burkus, Networking

Ep #169: Drew Westervelt, Hex Performance

Ep #170: Devan Kline, Burn Boot Camp

Ep #171: Anna Laura Sommer, The Shine Studio

The Entrepreneur Start-Up Series Week 32

“The best way to get good at something is to just do it”.

Ep #162: Emily Williams, I Heart My Life

Ep #163: Alex Berman, Experiment 27

Ep #164: Chris Buttenham and Kristian Borghesan

Ep #165: Brandon Bruce, Cirrus Insight

Ep #166: Roy Redd, The Success Magnet

The Entrepreneur Start-Up Series Week 31

“You need to have a thorough Business Plan”.

Ep #157: Matt Choi, Chartered Market Technician

Ep #158: Patrick Mackaronis, Brabble

Ep #159: Jeremy Griffin, Serial Entrepreneur

Ep #160: Bradley Fauteux, Consultant

Ep #161: Aviv Shahar, consultant, visionary and author Create New Futures

The Entrepreneur Start-Up Series Week 30

“Stop thinking small and start thinking big”.

Ep #152: Michael Zipursky,

Ep #153: Katie Welsh, Chain of Wealth

Ep #154: Jeff J. Hunter, The Jedi of Outsourcing

Ep #155: Mike Xave, Airbnb entrepreneur

Ep #156: Carl Allen, the expert on buying and selling small businesses

The Entrepreneur Start-Up Series Week 29

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” These entrepreneurs made it happen.

Ep #147: Logan Tyler Nelson, Scratch Your Own Itch

Ep #148: Rahul and Varun Aggarwal, Designhill

Ep #149: Bailey Richert, The Infopreneur Expert

Ep #150: Christopher J. Wirth, No Quit Living

Ep #151: Jeet Banerjee, A millennial and serial entrepreneur

The Entrepreneur Start-Up Series Week 28

These successful entrepreneurs shifted their mindsets to I can and amazingly, doors opened for them!

Ep #142: David Amerland, The Sniper Mind

Ep #143: Hanna Hermanson, Dream Life is Real Life

Ep #144: Stephynie Mailk, Chique Speak

Ep #145: Daniel Thomas Hind, Evolution Eat

Ep #146: Ali Boone, Hipster Investments

The Entrepreneur Start-Up Series Week 27

These successful entrepreneurs value the simple things in life!

Ep #137: Jesse Cole, Find Your Yellow Tux

Ep #138: Jason Stone, Millionaire Mentor

Ep #139: Gregg Clunis, Tiny Leaps Big Changes

Ep #140: Sharon Salzberg, Meditation and Mindfulness

Ep #141: Joe Hawley, Man Van Dog Blog

The Entrepreneur Start-Up Series Week 26

Be ready to plan the long game. Albert Einstein said “It’s not that I am so smart it’s just that I stay with problems longer. This is the secret when becoming an entrepreneur.”

Ep #132: Abigail Hopkins, The Clean Life

Ep #133: Ulyses Osuna, The Power of Positioning

Ep #134: Brad Owens, The Robin Hood of Hiring

Ep #135: Tony Moze, The Rhyming Book Reviewer

Ep #136: Curtis McHale, Good Business, Great Father and Husband

The Entrepreneur Start-Up Series Week 25

These entrepreneurs can help you get your business “out of obscurity”.

Ep #127: Josh Elledge, Turning Digital Entrepreneurs into Media Celebrities

Ep #128: Larry Miles, Reinventing Wealth Management

Ep #129: David Quick, How to Harness the Power of Your Herd

Ep #130: Elliot Carlyle. The Brand. The Voice

Ep #131: Michael O’Brien, Creating Better Tomorrows

The Entrepreneur Start-Up Series Week 24

These entrepreneurs dedicate their businesses to a very specific niche. They follow the adage “The Riches are in the Niches”.

Ep #122: AJ Wilcox, The LinkedIn Expert

Ep #123: Sam McRoberts, VUDU Marketing

Ep #124: Kevin Harrington, Original Shark

Ep #125: Guy Kawasaki, Chief Evangelist of Canva

Ep #126: Peter Reitano, Abacus Agency

The Entrepreneur Start-Up Series Week 23

These entrepreneurs were motivated to change, and they were deliberate in how they were going to do it.

Ep #117:  Russ Perry, Design Pickle

Ep #118:  Travis Chambers, Chief Media Hacker

Ep #119:  Johnathan Grzybowski, Co-Founder of Penji

Ep #120:  Colin Nanka, Sales and Leadership Development

Ep #121:  Brent McClure, CFO