The Entrepreneur Start-Up Series Week 34

“Setting baby-step goals are the only way to achieve your biggest goal!”

Ep #172: Ali Mirza, Digital Marketing expert

Ep #173: Peter Shallard, The Shrink for Entrepreneurs

Ep #174: Christy Whitman, Universal Laws

Ep #175: Billy Gene, C.A.M.P

Ep #176: Marcus Damas, Fueled by Culture

The Entrepreneur Start-Up Series Week 33

“Savor the small victories that are happening throughout your day!”

Ep #167: Hither Mann, Financial Freedom

Ep #168: David Burkus, Networking

Ep #169: Drew Westervelt, Hex Performance

Ep #170: Devan Kline, Burn Boot Camp

Ep #171: Anna Laura Sommer, The Shine Studio

The Entrepreneur Start-Up Series Week 32

“The best way to get good at something is to just do it”.

Ep #162: Emily Williams, I Heart My Life

Ep #163: Alex Berman, Experiment 27

Ep #164: Chris Buttenham and Kristian Borghesan

Ep #165: Brandon Bruce, Cirrus Insight

Ep #166: Roy Redd, The Success Magnet

The Entrepreneur Start-Up Series Week 31

“You need to have a thorough Business Plan”.

Ep #157: Matt Choi, Chartered Market Technician

Ep #158: Patrick Mackaronis, Brabble

Ep #159: Jeremy Griffin, Serial Entrepreneur

Ep #160: Bradley Fauteux, Consultant

Ep #161: Aviv Shahar, consultant, visionary and author Create New Futures

The Entrepreneur Start-Up Series Week 30

“Stop thinking small and start thinking big”.

Ep #152: Michael Zipursky,

Ep #153: Katie Welsh, Chain of Wealth

Ep #154: Jeff J. Hunter, The Jedi of Outsourcing

Ep #155: Mike Xave, Airbnb entrepreneur

Ep #156: Carl Allen, the expert on buying and selling small businesses

The Entrepreneur Start-Up Series Week 29

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” These entrepreneurs made it happen.

Ep #147: Logan Tyler Nelson, Scratch Your Own Itch

Ep #148: Rahul and Varun Aggarwal, Designhill

Ep #149: Bailey Richert, The Infopreneur Expert

Ep #150: Christopher J. Wirth, No Quit Living

Ep #151: Jeet Banerjee, A millennial and serial entrepreneur

The Entrepreneur Start-Up Series Week 28

These successful entrepreneurs shifted their mindsets to I can and amazingly, doors opened for them!

Ep #142: David Amerland, The Sniper Mind

Ep #143: Hanna Hermanson, Dream Life is Real Life

Ep #144: Stephynie Mailk, Chique Speak

Ep #145: Daniel Thomas Hind, Evolution Eat

Ep #146: Ali Boone, Hipster Investments

The Entrepreneur Start-Up Series Week 27

These successful entrepreneurs value the simple things in life!

Ep #137: Jesse Cole, Find Your Yellow Tux

Ep #138: Jason Stone, Millionaire Mentor

Ep #139: Gregg Clunis, Tiny Leaps Big Changes

Ep #140: Sharon Salzberg, Meditation and Mindfulness

Ep #141: Joe Hawley, Man Van Dog Blog

The Entrepreneur Start-Up Series Week 26

Be ready to plan the long game. Albert Einstein said “It’s not that I am so smart it’s just that I stay with problems longer. This is the secret when becoming an entrepreneur.”

Ep #132: Abigail Hopkins, The Clean Life

Ep #133: Ulyses Osuna, The Power of Positioning

Ep #134: Brad Owens, The Robin Hood of Hiring

Ep #135: Tony Moze, The Rhyming Book Reviewer

Ep #136: Curtis McHale, Good Business, Great Father and Husband

The Entrepreneur Start-Up Series Week 25

These entrepreneurs can help you get your business “out of obscurity”.

Ep #127: Josh Elledge, Turning Digital Entrepreneurs into Media Celebrities

Ep #128: Larry Miles, Reinventing Wealth Management

Ep #129: David Quick, How to Harness the Power of Your Herd

Ep #130: Elliot Carlyle. The Brand. The Voice

Ep #131: Michael O’Brien, Creating Better Tomorrows

The Entrepreneur Start-Up Series Week 24

These entrepreneurs dedicate their businesses to a very specific niche. They follow the adage “The Riches are in the Niches”.

Ep #122: AJ Wilcox, The LinkedIn Expert

Ep #123: Sam McRoberts, VUDU Marketing

Ep #124: Kevin Harrington, Original Shark

Ep #125: Guy Kawasaki, Chief Evangelist of Canva

Ep #126: Peter Reitano, Abacus Agency

The Entrepreneur Start-Up Series Week 23

These entrepreneurs were motivated to change, and they were deliberate in how they were going to do it.

Ep #117:  Russ Perry, Design Pickle

Ep #118:  Travis Chambers, Chief Media Hacker

Ep #119:  Johnathan Grzybowski, Co-Founder of Penji

Ep #120:  Colin Nanka, Sales and Leadership Development

Ep #121:  Brent McClure, CFO